Monday, November 11, 2013


Music Is a Journey, Not a Destination

Welcome to the strange and beautiful world of la YnE (Matti Laine). This debuth album is my story, the story of my personal journey...we are living a daily life of unknowns and unexpected surprises...Turkey burns with riots, Eurozone crisis, global warming...we live in a great world and it sometimes does not seem that way but I believe life is what you wish it to be. In a way it is an illusion because our minds are the ones who choose how we should perceive and then lead us through madness to the magic of here and now...

In my opinion, this music opened new avenues for creative use of world music combined with modern day technology, music where the synthetic and organic magnificently blend together. The songs are present myriad elements from around the world in the same jumbled stew, without regard for age, race, color, creed or religion or sex. I have recorded many samples from around the world - sounds of radio, Jordan street singers, preachers of Vatican, Muslim chanting, Egyptian voice, ambience of Mexico and among others.

Finally, my debuth album of "La grande illusion" is celebration of life...influenced by travels and adventures had with my friends and family. So, as you can see, each song comes from a different place, and represents a little chapter of my life.

Matti Laine – Keys and Synths, Bass, additional guitar &
eBow, Radio, Loops and Sampler [Samples]
Pekka "Splendid" Laine – Electric Guitars and Mixing
Kari Reini – Percussion, didgeridoo and Vibraphone
Thomas Rönnholm – Drums and Percussion
Verneri Pohjola – Trumpet
Emmi Kaasalainen – Violin
Olli Vänskä – Violin
Tomi Laaksonen – Percussion
Jarkko - Additional Vocals on "Endos"

Mixed By Pekka "Splendid" Laine
Recorded at East Sound Studios, Helsinki
Mastered at Virtalähde Mastering

released 12 November 2000
I'd like to thank all the musicians involved in any aspect of these recordings.

Special thanks to my family for love, support and sharing the journey.

"A cloud can become rain or snow or ice, but a cloud cannot become nothing"

Dedicated to the memory of Mick Karn