Friday, November 15, 2013

Walter Salin

Walter Salin 13 Improvvisi brevi
16:02 min. 25MB. 320Kbps

13 Short Improvvisi: work No. 4 by Walter Salin (2012)
Original compositions for guitar dedicated to the Italian guitar player, Elena Padovani.
A short sound painting to remember the art and the didactics of this artist, one of the first and most estimated Segovia’s students.


So the author says about his work:
"I worked thinking about the possibility to concentrate in 16 minutes of music some of the human and artistic Elena Padovani’s characteristics, the artist who I have worked and studied for 9 years. This trying to translate into sounds and words her female personality, linked with the most significant guitar tradition but at the same time able to look beyond the borders.

The guitar player always remains the only one who can take out from his instrument music which fits at its best for the guitar, avoiding too many forcings and blunders.
Andres Segovia, Maria Luisa Anido and Leo Brouwer are the highest example of it.

Composing these 13 Short Improvvisi (my No. 4 work) I used the Toccata technique, almost improvising, a kind of dialogue between hands-keyboard and strings: some times with little caresses come out almost by chance while searching for an effect, other times starting from a short sound project, almost an easy singing to amplify with other elements later.
A tiny game to talk about Elena."