Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Daniel Pennie

“located somewhere between the abstraction of free improv, the feral expressionism of electric free jazz and the cerebral ambience of a David Lynch movie”.

I have been a practitioner of both art and music for over 25 years. The recent visual work reflects what is essentially a collage aesthetic, whereby images are taken out of their original context and re-contextualized into enigmatic ensembles.

Daniel Pennie - Guitar: Keith Tippet - Piano: AD Chivers - Vibes & Percussion. Recorded at Ebenezer Chapel, Filmed by Dave Wells, extra footage taken from MAD BAND sessions featuring Michael Giles, Keith Tippett, Daniel Pennie & AD Chivers recorded by Marco Migliari.

I am trained in the Visual Arts so when I approach sound and the guitar in particular, for me it is all about colour, texture and where the sound might sit along side other sound sources. 

The technique for making a Collage is also similar: offering up images that work well next to each other and building on something that ends up as an assembled composition. For both disciplines my thought process is the same - providing you begin with a palette of sounds (in my case many stomp boxes for guitar!) or a collection of images the creative process becomes fluid, spontaneous, even dream-like - that's the creative space I like to inhabit. 

The work mixes modes of representation and appropriated ready-made motifs from the worlds of film, music and popular culture using cinematic techniques of quick edits, ‘zooming’ and surprise super-imposition.

The connections do not seem forced, so much as nearly random, underpinning my interests as a musician in the process of improvised and spontaneous music…art into music, music into art!

List of works: top left ’Viberato’ 2013 (mixed media), top right ’Armed Rubbery’ 2013 (mixed media)
middle left ’Made-up Beach’ 2012 (mixed media), middle right ’Vista-Vision’ 2013 (mixed media)
bottom left ’Voodoo Lips’ 2012 (mixed media), bottom right ’Curves & Swerves’ 2013 (mixed media)