Friday, November 1, 2013


Gradually listening, built improvisation, without any formulated intention or limit ...Imagho is JL Prades's solo project since 1997. It's wandering between jazz, folk music, post-rock, electronica and musique concrete.
Tunes are mostly guitar (both electric and acoustic) based, along with electronics, field recordinds and any other sound or instrument JL Prades comes across.

File Imagho under moody, climatic and melodic music - if you wish...

« someone controls electric guitar » is a series of improvised electric guitar sounds using delays, loopers and most recently a laptop. These improvisations were recorded live from 1999 to 2004, and never modified, except for track 7. »

Review on Vital Weekly :

« The seven pieces here are all improvised on an electric guitar with the addition of delay, ‘loopers’ and ‘most recently a laptop’, as it says on the cover (…) His sound is a bit like Oren Ambarchi (with the sound effects being audible), but the hectic of free improvisation combined with the laptop techniques of say Fennesz (or so many others from this field). It’s nice stuff, especially the more ambient pieces (…). »
released 01 March 2005
Jean-Louis Prades music, Photo by Lionel Maraval