Monday, November 25, 2013

Free Download Microcosmos

first song for the monkeyEcho. Asking the big question "Who are you, and why are you here?"

from theOne, released 01 January 2008 
microcosmos is monkeEcho's second album. It's "designed music" meaning it's as simple and to the point as possible by still sounding good and funky.
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Video of sameHereLucy available on youtube (


released 17 February 2013
Album credits: to be defined. Still checking my backlog.
All songs written, performed, recorded by monkeyEcho
Vocals on aWarmSmile and fundamentalLying by Susanne Struck 
I had some comments from readers who were not quiet sure if the music downloads are really free. This is because when you choose “download”/”Buy Now, name your price” you are prompted to enter how much money you’re willing to pay. If you enter zero/0 here, you’ll get your free download. So, go ahead and do it, you don’t have to pay, only if you want to.