Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Rino Petrozziello

▙▚▛▜▝ ᴱᴿᴿᴼᴿᴵ ᴵℕ PᴬᴿᴛᴵⓉᴗᴿa

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▙▚▛▜▝ ▙▚▛▜▝

Shady atmospheres, dissonant rhythms and industrial sounds reflect the excessive cumbersome of a system that produces unabated.

free download : archive.org/details/RinoPetrozziello_estroflessioniDaMacchina


▙▚▛▜▝ ▙▚▛▜▝ ▙▚▛▜▝ ▙▚▛▜▝

▙▚▛▜▝ ▙▚▛▜▝ Transition + 12 videos

"Glitch Poetics" is an audio/visual installation realized for my graduation project at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. The aesthetics of failure and its philosophy are the access keys to the soul of the project. Leveling and de-legitimization of knowledge that characterize contemporary network society are represented through a continuous and chaotic interweaving of visual and sound glitches; the relational and connective power of the new media technology (more specifically of the Internet) manifests itself in a frantic succession of fragmented pixels, compressed data, strings of code, sine waves and white noise. The two screens are humanized by the glitches and communicate with each other. They externalize their problems through a hypothetical voice made of hum and electrical noise.
To realize this project I use a software I made with Max/Msp/Jitter (Glitch Poetics) and some electronic devices:
- MacBook Pro OS X 10.8.5;
- Matrox TripleHead2Go;
- Steinberg CI1;
- 2 Acer V203H;
- 2 Yamaha HS5.

The software is the primary essence of the audiovisual deconstruction process. Specifically, it is a Max/Msp/Jitter patch that runs randomly audiovisual inputs and outputs. The software consists of a video processor, an AM/FM synthesizer, an ambisonic system and some audiovisual spectra.



Arduino + MAX/MSP/JITTER + Processing ░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░
Audio, video and programming by Rino Petrozziello. ░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒░▒