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Don Cherry Multikulti


Don Cherry (Donald Eugene Cherry)
born: 18. November 1936, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma/USA
died: 19.October 1995, Malaga/Spain

Director: Jean-Noël Delamare, Nathalie Perrey, Philippe Gras
Place of Publication/Creation: France
Date: 1973
Form: motion picture
Duration: 16 minute
Personnel on Camera: Don Cherry, trumpet, illustrating an André Breton poem in various Paris locations.
Breton poem read by Anthony Braxton.

A black man, a free jazz trumpeter, comes to earth from another planet. He searches for the truth of this world, but doesn't know which path to take. He wanders various roads, kills monsters, and finally discovers the three truths: MUSIC, WISDOM, LOVE.

Don Cherry (1936-1995) created an influential legacy by contrasting his Bebop-style Jazz with genres such as Free Jazz and World music. His rise to prominence came in the late 1950s performing Free Jazz with Ornette Coleman. Their music not only shook up the Jazz community with their avant garde sound and inventive compositional structure, but became part of the liberating social revolution that resonated in 1960s American culture. Cherry's interest expanded beyond the gamut of American styles into exotic musical structure and composition. His arrangements often juxtaposed instrumental experimentation with the solemn and ancient musical traditions of the ethnic lands he traveled. Cherry's Bebop-infused solos provided the controversial genre with a traditional Jazz sensibility, helping to maintain an enduring Jazz narrative.

Don Cherry's MULTIKULTI (1994) 
Recorded at Theaterhaus, Stuttgart, March 1991

Don Cherry (pocket trumpet, keyb, melodica, doussin gouni, perc, fl, voc)
Peter Apfelbaum (ts, keyb, fl, perc)
Bo Freeman (b)
Joshua Jones (dr, tablas)
Duration: 59min.
Director: Ywe Jalander

Don Cherry is a musician of endless versatility. An innovative jazz trumpeter, he combined be-bop, middle eastern and African music to create a diverse music style that became his own. "Multikulti" is a quartet featuring international music, mainstream and reggae.

In a live concert recorded at the Days of Jazz Festival in Stuttgart, Germany, trumpeter/keyboardist/vocals Don Cherry, saxophonist/flutist/keyboardist Peter Apfelbaum, bassist Bo Freeman, and drummer Joshua Jones.

In this performance from the Days of Jazz Festival in Stuttgart, Don Cherry continues his fusion of jazz and world beat music, featuring African percussion and instruments. Peter Apfelbaum, Bo Freeman and Joshua Jones provide backing on such selections as "Trans Love Airways," "Rhumba Multikulti/Race Face," "Walk to the Mountain" and more.


Recorded live in concert at the Days of Jazz Festival in Stuttgart, Germany. Don Cherry, as well as singing vocals, plays the following instruments: Pocket Trumpet, Keyboards, Doussin Gouni, Melodica, African Percussion, and Flute. Tracks include: "Walk to the Mountain" "Rhumba Multikulti/Race Face" "When the Rain Comes" "Bemsha Swing" "Trans Love Airways"

on Cherry was one of the most "youthful" musicians in contemporary jazz after 1960. Not only did he take part in the development of the free jazz idiom, but he was one of the first jazz musicians to seriously embrace other cultures, and develop a musical kind of multi-culturalism long before it became fashionable. In this sense, Don Cherry probably is one of the most important fathers of so-called "world music".

herry was born in 1936 in Oklahoma City. He first came to prominence as trumpeter in the bands of Ornette Coleman with whom he played from 1957 onward. He was a member of the "classic" Ornette Coleman Quartet into the 1960s. From 1963-1964 Cherry was one of the co-leaders of the New York Contemporary Five. The next couple of years he spent in Europe, living in Paris and later on in Sweden. At the same time he toured Asia and became interested in the musical traditions of different continents.

he Trio Codona with Nana Vasconcelos and Collin Walcott and the quartet Old and New Dreams which played a Coleman-oriented music brought Cherry to prominence again in the 1970s and 1980s, but the trumpeter also performed in a wide range of stylistic environments from ethnic musicians to the veteran trumpeter Jabbo Smith. Cherry died in October 1995 at a time when he was very much in demand with the growing enthusiasm for world music.

on Cherry often performed on a small pocket trumpet or cornet. His roots are clearly in the bebop tradition, his strength was not so much fast virtuoso lines but rather his melodic originality, his full, brassy sound and his ability to work within nearly any musical context. Ethnic influences can be discerned within most of his later works from instrumentation down to the structuring of his music.

Don Cherry Discography
compiled by Johann Haidenbauer
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