Thursday, June 4, 2015

Angle(s): Panem et circenses I by Noël Akchoté

 Panem et circenses

Curatelle is a legal word, its meant to protect an adult from himself in some particular cases (like ageing diseases or loss of discernement, and other dangerous behaviours. Probably gambling addictions and so on). Curator comes from the same root, its meant to prevent people from arts and ideas, avoid any shocks or troubles. Divertissement (Action de divertir, de récréer) is literaly to amuse and entertain, it is recreative, but it is nothing else than a diversion. Every word says much more about its original intention (and every act is originally intended). 

In french we say Commissaire for curator, its the same word we use for police, commissioned to what? Well to make the various laws of a nation, a group, be respected.... a Commissaire d'exposition. In France, but probably anywhere else the same, the whole budget of the Minister of Culture simply divides in two halfs, two equals half. The first half is going to live events, restoration, education, etc... The second is what it costs to do so and is going into salaries of various people. Each of these people wearing very particular adjectives ranging from expert to board, all specialists of The Special.

Despite what many tend to think, the word Artist does not describe the fact of producing and manufacturing art pieces (all sorts of), but the idea that a non-artist individual has of what the artist is (more often, should be, and even less, does). Its very similar to pornography, in the sense that its always the sex of the other (and is very masturbative too I guess). I could actually go on and on here, trying to simply re-translate what is what, and why it got so confused, especially lately in our western world. 

Jacques Lacan once drew the scheme of Love as: to give what you don't have to someone who doesn't want it. But this is a pretty gratuitious gesture (at least if neurosis has its own economy around, its still originally a non-profit movement). So if a museum is the place where (Eric Rohmer said it I think, probably like every quote, few others did too, since quotation is an economy), “you can go to witness what has been done already and is not to be repeated”. Culture has became the place of Tous les Possibles. Its basically a place where nothing can happen too wild, too wrong, too dangerous, too free nor too naked.

Culture was never art, its its Gendarme, a check point, the best effective inner economy of all sorts of powers to prevent from the message of art. You can only desire so hard what you actually will never be able to access, and Culture is the theatre of this precisely. It more or less has always been, but it turned industrial recently (or exclusive). Culture has a clear map where art draws one. 


Culture is politics, its diffusion, its democracy (in the counter sense that we use since since of this complex term). Art is Universal, Culture is for everyone, the assertion seems pretty close but its a galaxy of differences. In art will never be any other sanction than the production of an art piece, that's all you need to do. Whereas in Culture you're only asked to sit in the chair of an artist – and I repeat here, artist is an artefact (Portrait of a young man as an artist... ). Its a cat & mouse game that has since became a shark to sharks one. In the first one you stamp products, in the second you wonder (and wander), in the unknown.

Noël Akchoté. French guitarist, violinist and producer, born December 7, 1968, in Paris, active in various experimental fields between drone, rock, jazz and contemporary classical music. Also music journalist and author as well as founder (together with Quentin Rollet) of the French avantgarde label Rectangle. Currently running the label Noël Akchoté Downloads.  He is the brother of electronic musician SebastiAn

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