Monday, June 8, 2015

Black Casino by Wade Marynowsky

 Photo : Remi Chauvin

Black Casino involves five flying V guitars mounted atop a rotating spin wheel as used in popular game shows such as The Wheel of Fortune. The guitars form a five-pointed star - a pentagram, which conjures certain magical associations and is used today as a symbol of faith by many Wiccans and Neo-pagans.

This pentagram, however, depicts Diabolus in musica: the ‘tri-tone’ musical interval that has been used since the eighteenth century as the signature of the Devil - an association exploited by many heavy metal bands. The five star guitar on top of an over-sized chocolate wheel juxtaposes occult magic with game shows, exploring the use of chance operations to compose music.

This project is a partnership between MONA and CAST as part of MONA FOMA 2013 with support from the Australia Council for the Arts.

Exhibited at Contemporary Art Tasmania, Hobart, Tasmania 2013 and the National Gallery of Victoria, 2014.

Sydney artist Dr. Wade Marynowsky creates performance robots that straddle humour, high-camp and a host of unnerving thematic orientations to absorbing effect". Dan Rule, Broadsheet, 2012.

Currently Marynowsky is creating new work titled, Robot Opera, The project was awarded a Creative Australia grant from the Australia Council for the Arts and will be presented by Performance Space in October 2015.

Previously Marynowsky's work has been presented at the National Gallery of Victoria, The International Triennial of New Media Art, National Art Museum of China, MONA FOMA, The International Symposium of Electronic Art, Sydney 2013, Gallery of Modern Art, Queensland Art Gallery, The 2nd International Biennale of Contemporary Art, Poland, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, The 17th Biennale of Sydney, Performance Space and Artspace Sydney