Monday, February 1, 2016

Tone Wood: My little Birdie

My little Birdie 

What is the link between an high end all solid wood archtop guitar and hardrock/heavy metal? .......Ted Nugent

Ted is a singer and guitar player who gained world fame in the late 70's. He likes to play it loud and heavy. Like a gigantic hunter with his guns (still smoking) on his back and his Gibson Byrdland in his hands he is as far as I know one of the very rare persons who plays heavy metal on an all solid archtop guitar. I dont know how he managed to control the feedback.

I recently made a Byrdland look archtop for a client who likes the Gibson Byrland Guitar very much but doesnt like the size. I made this little Birdie a few inches smaller. 

With this one Ted could play probably louder than with his Gibson.
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