Sunday, December 7, 2014

Komara Kollar Mastelloto Rainieri

David Kollar is one of the freshest new workers in the post frippian scene, full of oblique ideas extracted from a diversity of backgrounds, cooked with the naturality of a young brained musician with a sheer relationship with almost infinite influences.  Real life soundtracks, non lineal and independent fugues, complex developments carried to a scene, the frippian one, characterized for his formal convoluted, multiplex architectures. Then, the simplicity of jazz and the raw energy of rock are kind spices to understand and follow the essence of this growing space: constant renovation like the main appeal of this delicate sound meal, hot and soft, far from salty easy solutions, abundant seasoned in images, flavour and imagination.

Prepared Guitar

"David in particular is one of the most innovative and driven young guitarists on the scene today. An interesting combination of Eastern European classical influences, Jazz, ambient, techno, IDM, trippy heavy blues rock mixed with eastern folk styles, Played on a homemade guitar through a quirky combination of pedals and effects he attains a one-of-a-kind sound. I know critics often like to put music into categories but with David's music that's very difficult to do."

Pat Mastelloto