Friday, October 16, 2015

10 Flamenco guitar MASTERS

"It's something strange, but I never used to think of myself as playing music. I was living a special kind of life, flamenco."
Paco de Lucia

Niño Miguel

Paco de Lucia

Carlos Montoya

Pepe Habichuela

Enrique de Melchor

Manolo Franco

Manolo Sanlucar

Paco Peña

Victor Monje "Serranito"

Diego de Morón

Niño Miguel

Flamenco is an art-form of deep inspiration, a necessity of the soul, a lament against life itself, and a shout to the freedom which is born within the heart

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OLD tocaores in the Flamenco World
Sabicas, Niño Ricardo, Ramón Montoya, Mario Escudero...
Fresh names in the Flamenco Guitar
Niño Josele, Miguel Angel Cortés, Chicuelo, Viejin, Pepe Justicia, Antonio Rey...
OPEN Flamenco Ways
Raimundo, Diego Carrasco, Manuel Molina, Pata Negra...

10 Essential Flamenco Guitarists