Monday, October 19, 2015

Tone Wood 7 Johnny Smith wants it floating

From Left to Right John D'Angelico, Johnny Smith, Jimmy D'Aquisto

Guild, Gibson and Heritage have all made guitar models designed and endorsed by Johnny Smith. The most successful is with no doubt the Gibson Johnny Smith. 

Smith was a good friend of the NewYork guitar builder John D'Angelico. It was John who made him realize that a good archtop has to have a solid spruce top and solid maple back and rims. 

Pickups mounted into the top would choke the sound and that's why all pickups and controls are floating on Johnny Smiths guitars. 

Johnny Smith guitars with only one floating neck pickup are solid well designed instruments. I personally don't like the 2 pickup version with all the controls mounted on the pickguard. A bit over floating (overdriven)!

The picture show a late 70's Johnny Smith with a stunning quilted/flamed back and an example of the two pickup version.