Tuesday, October 29, 2013

"NADIR" by Edgar Barroso and Ernesto Rodríguez-Leal performed by Séverine Ballon

A collaboration between engineer Ernesto Rodríguez-Leal, cellist Séverine Ballon and composer Edgar Barroso. This piece is design to be an open piece to share with performers. NADIR is mostly a graphic score where the cellist, the composer and a non-musician join together their ideas, their taste and their personalities to create a shared experience. In this version of the piece, the use of paper and origami techniques is of special importance. This is where Ernesto (an engineer) contributed to "prepare" the cello with paper "sordines". The score was merely a starting point, but Séverine (cellist) actually made considerable changes to the score based on her own creative and improvisatory experience and aesthetic preferences.

The idea behind NADIR is to have an exciter of creativity. Performers and collaborators can add electronics, interacting instruments, relationships with other arts, and anything they please. It is a sort of Open Source piece which is open to people to use it. The only "suggestion" there is in the score is that they should involve at least one collaborator that is a nonmusician to the realization of the piece. The performer and collaborators can reduce, extend or fragment the piece as pleased. This is part of my research concerning transdisciplinary collaboration and open music/art creation. I would like to thank Séverine Ballon and Ernesto Rodríguez-Leal very deeply for their amazing insights, creativity and enthusiasm to share. I hope we can collaborate many more times over many different projects.