Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ivan Kapec

Ivan Kapec and Višeslav Laboš have been basing their thoughts and musical practice on the repetitive structure of loops for quite some time now.
Both Kapec and Laboš come from different musical backgrounds, jazz and electronic music respectively. They have been successfully synthesizing their personal influences, which resulted in something that reaches far beyond the mere number of their technical components.

The acoustic visage of the duo, the guitar and a turntable refuses to be lured into the humdrum of ambient music founded on the repetitiveness, and at the same time escapes from the agressive jaws of the uniformity that has become an integral characteristic of "DJ MUSIC".

The duo presents us with a true gem of chamber music constructed on loops. The one which explores the dynamic and dramatic organisation of audio based on the repetition.

Petar Milat

Capisconne Electro Unity is a band from Zagreb, Croatia.
This music is product of different tastes into a harmonic collective improvisation. This sound is relaxing, chillout and jazzy..
The playing from these guys is pure live experience, without overdubbing.
They have gigs in many places in Croatia and the near Balkan area.
The band leader is Capisconne aka Ivan Kapec, jazz guitarist and founder of the experimental band TrianguliZona , which had released an EP Flossy, for Portugal Netlabel Test Tube.
He collects young Croatian musicians who were graduated on the Jazz school of music in Graz, Austria.
Activity... Every place, every song bring his own picture..

This is first audio and video recording session in "Polukružna dvorana" - theatar hall of "Studentski centar" located in Zagreb, Croatia. After solo acoustic album "The path of love", Ivan started to record new material of procompositional forms. Influences here are from Balkan assymetric rhythms as from pastoral nature of old "slavic" tales.
released 08 November 2012
Ivan Kapec - compositions, guitar
Hrvoje Petek - sound and recording

released 15 September 2013
Recorded by Hrvoje Petek in Winter 2013 in studio K5, and mixed by Hrvoje Nikšić in Juny-July in studio Kramasonic in Zagreb.
Cappisconne are:
Ivan Kapec guitars ; Hrvoje Galler piano ; Hrvoje Petek bass ; Miha Vlah drums
guest: Hrvoje Nikšić fx sounds