Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Free Download The Ghost Between The Strings

The Ghost Between The Strings – Unfinished Decline


The signature sound of tgbts is the use of heavily processed guitar to craft profound droning soundscapes.

A selection of tracks recorded between 2009 and 2011 that were all more or less planned to be completed – but finally stayed in their first, raw state, with various flaws. This is TGBTS’ 2nd “posthumous” album.
As usual, using only guitars (often prepared, detuned, e-bowed…) and effects.
About the artist:
“One person project, creating experimental soundscapes with guitar sounds only : between raw guitar drones, dark ambient, ambient-noise, and no-wave / experimental rock.
TGBTS curates the free download section of the Eg0cide Productions label.
He is also a member of Stillborn Ghosts and Rivers Of Ashes (with lusruta)” from last.fm

Official page: http://www.tgbts.com/
egOcide Productions: http://eg0cide.com/

01 Seconds Before [05:35]
02 The Last Dawn [06:58]
03 Letting The Dream Consume Itself [09:10]
04 Failure After Failure [09:52]
05 Unheard Voices [10:49]
06 Questions To The Ocean [05:33]