Monday, February 10, 2014

Free Download Coppice Machinefabriek

This week in Hoist Spell Extensions . . . Rutger Zuydervelt’s Machinefabriek.

Yes, it is quite wonderful. Free download here. Collect them all.
Hoist Spell Extensions is a release partnership between Coppice and Quakebasket Records, exploding the rich content of Hoist Spell, from the Big Wad Excisions CD (qb-25), in a free download series of new remixes, interventions and interpretations. Every week Quakebasket will post a new download by a new featured artist.Machinefabriek is Rotterdam-based Rutger Zuydervelt. His music combines elements of ambient, modern classical, drone, noise and field recordings, to create ‘films without image’. (qb-25.3)