Monday, February 3, 2014

The Rite of Trio


"Where oh where is the loose end of the musical yarn we find ourselves today? Perhaps in the beginnings of the 20th century with last big works of erudite composers. Or maybe in the 70's with the so called foretold death of jazz. Or somewhere inside the musical behemoth of today, guided not by Art but by the cultural numbness that they're trying to make us believe is the norm. 

The Rite Of Trio sinks deep in the yarn and grabs some of those loose ends, still pulsing with the fingertips of Stravinski or the funny smell of Zappa, and embraces the erroneously utopian idea of highly intellectual musical creation which is at the same time passionately fervent. Musical tastes aside, we assure you you've never heard anything like this!"

The Rite Of Trio is an experimental post-modern punk jazz trio that play only instrumental music. We're from Portugal and are few months away from recording our first cd. 

André Silva - Guitar
Filipe Louro - Double Bass 
Pedro Alves - Drums

Photo: By James Nizam -
(thanks to Inês Garrido for the amazing share)