Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Sherman is a guitar player from Hong Kong, plays both acoustic and electric guitars, and sometimes have them prepared. Sherman's also in a guitar and electronics improvisation duo called Yellow Crystal. 

"Zreakequo" is recorded during Lunar New Year with a 70 years old cheap parlor guitar, spoke in a language of ambiguity.

I listen to blues music quite a lot, delta blues, slide guitar...I'm not properly trained as a guitarist, i think i'm influenced by Derek bailey on my playing. My dream guitar sound is...you know it's made from a guitar but you don't know which part of the instrument it's from kind of sound, like a color you've never seen. Most of time I play guitar like speaking of phrases that seems make sense together but actually make no sense. 

experimental Hong Kong, all acoustic guitars by Sherman...

My preparing techniques are mainly inserting long objects like screw driver, iron rulers into strings, muting strings randomly, and try to play like a normal guitar, most of the time it sounds like an ancient oriental instrument,  and I use ebow too, while pulling and pressing the objects inserted into strings, alters and interrupts the drone. I use cheap vintage acoustic parlor guitars...I have a 60s Kay and a 30s Harmony. For electric guitars, I have quite a few vintage guitars, also cheap, Kay Vanguard, Harmony Bobcat, Eko Cobra...etc. I don't use many effect pedals, a whammy, a fuzz, a tremolo and a danelectro reverse delay are all I need. I use a tiny Orange amp, and a also tiny pignose amp.