Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Adam Coney

Adam Coney (1982 - )
Born in Epping, U.K, Guitarist, composer and songwriter, Co-Founder of Trestle Records

Adam Coney has been based in the London experimental and improvisation scene since 2002. Primarily associated with the prog - jazz group Morviscous, he is also credited on Trestle for his involvement in the following. Acland & Sydney, Calibos (with Jonny Fryer), City Shepherd and Noon. A graduate of contemporary composition from Newcastle University, Adam is a guitarist with a keen sense of production aesthetic and progressive sensibilities. Adam continues to tour and record world wide working as a session musician. Adam's solo debut record is entitled 'The Fall Of The Flamingo Gardens' and is released on Trestle summer 2014.

Current projects include City Shepherd / Colonel Acland & Lord Sydney / Morviscous / Noon

His next work 'The Fall Of The Flamingo Garden' will be out on 01/09/2014