Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Imagho & Mocke

Imagho & Mocke is a duo of french guitarists.

It's 100% guitar, 100% live, played and recorded live, 2 days of studio - just acoustic and electric guitar. French guitarists Imagho (We Are Unique Records / Alara music) and Mocke (We Are Unique records, member of Midget!, Holden, Arlt and Swann) gathered together for two days at the end of december 2013 at Imagho's studio, and recorded eleven tunes in the simplest way possible: live! Two men, two guitars, four mics, and that's it.

These eleven tunes are of Imagho's composition, written for his Guild acoustic guitar, beautifully enhanced by Mocke's lush Jazzmaster sound. They form a peaceful record, filled with melodic interplay and quiet moods.

Imagho is the solo project of JL Prades. It lies somewhere between jazz, folk, post-rock,
electronica and acousmatic music. The compositions are mostly based on guitars (electric
and acoustic) with electronic arrangements, field recordings and sounds of any kind.
Imagho's music is often melancholic, melodic and rich of sounds, moods and textures. There is no guideline for this project, it is open to influences and collaborations. Hervé Thomas (Fragile, Hint) Ultramilkmaids, David Fenech, Daniel Palomo Vinuesa, Cyclyk have
collaborated with Imagho for an album or title.

Mocke is involved in numerous projects, from pop to folk and chanson française. So you will find Mocke as a founding member of Midget! and Holden and as guitarist for Swann and Arlt, one of our favorite french band. All these bands have in common to have female singer. So seing Mocke in duo with another guy and no singer is kind of a new thing!
Mocke will release his first solo album L'Anguille on the new label Objet Disque this fall.

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