Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Vicente Amigo à Jazz à Sète

Strings prodigy like Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo appears in the flamenco world as one of the most gifted musicians of his generation. Proof of his talent: a slew of awards and play alongside the big flamenco names (Manolo Sanlúcar, El Pele, Camarón de la Isla ...). He even recorded his seventh album, Tierra, surrounded by Dire Straits. Vicente Amigo manages to navigate the instrument with a wide spirit freedom. Marvelous dancing notes and rhythms, constructing a magical aroma.

The Crime Was In Granada

 Antonio Machado
For Federico García Lorca

                              I:  The Crime

He was seen walking between the rifles,

down a long street
out to chill fields
still lit by early stars.
They killed Federico
when the dawn broke.
The executioner’s crew
dared not look in his face.
They shut their eyes,
said: ‘Nor will God save you!
Federico fell dying
blood on his brow, lead in his guts –
…To think the crime should be in Granada.
  poor Granada – in his Granada…

II: Death and the Poet

He was seen walking only with Her,
and unafraid of her scythe.
– The sun now on tower after tower, hammers
on anvils – anvil on anvil, of the forges.
Federico was speaking
flattering Death. She listened.
‘Yesterday in my verse, friend,
the clap of your dry palms sounded,
you gave ice to my song, your silver
scythe’s edge to my tragedy,
I’ll sing to you of your wasted flesh,
your empty eyes,
your hair the wind stirs,
the red lips where you were kissed…
Now as ever, gypsy, my death,
how good to be alone with you,
in this breeze of Granada, my Granada!


He was seen walking…
                                        Friends, carve
in the Alhambra, a statue of dreams
and stone, for the poet,
over a fountain where water goes grieving
and saying, eternally:
the crime was in Granada, in his Granada!