Monday, October 20, 2014

The Abercrombie Quartet at Skopje Jazz Festival

 23.10.2013 - (80 minutes)

A 40 years career and 50 albums, John Abercrombie has explored thoroughly the wonderful lands of jazz. Rare are those who, like him, knew as far away the traditional boundaries of the genre, particularly in terms of metric and harmony.

With his unquenchable thirst to experiment, the guitarist has developed a very free style, tinged with folk influences, rock, western and eastern. This adventurous spirit is reflected in the Abercrombie Quartet, training whose repertoire ranges from classics to improvised sounds. 

Surrounded by Marc Copland on piano, Drew Gress on bass and Joey Baron on drums, John Abercombrie offers a particularly elegant and vibrant swing; his last album, "39 Steps" proves it.

Photo: Boston Public Library