Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Xavier Dubois

In parallel with his activities as a guitar player for Ultraphallus, Y.E.R.M.O and the duo he forms with the poet Vincent Tholomé, Xavier Dubois takes a totally different direction with an instrumental album, entirely dedicated to the guitar. Xavier developed his own language in which he mixes compositions with improvisation, creating space for intimate melodies, not afraid of taking risks. Sunset Gluts is an album on which folk, blues and experimental music come together, and it contains 16 mixed pictures, oscillating between impressionist beauty and cinematographic atmospheres. The songs, sometimes very short ones, follow each other like drawings in a comic book. Exploring alternately the electric guitar, the prepared guitar and the baritone ukulele, Xavier takes the listener on an internal journey where the ghosts of John Fahey, Marc Ribot or Fred Frith are summoned.

Xavier Dubois: electric guitar, acoustic baritone ukulele, prepared guitar, kamânche.

All music written by Xavier Dubois except "Kivah" written by John Zorn.

Each piece performed with no loop or overdub.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Gabriel Séverin at Laboratoire Central, Brussels, july 2013 except "Bifurcaria Bifurcata" and "The Curtain" recorded by Aymeric de Tapol, Brussels.

Mastered by Frédéric Alstadt at Angström Studio, Brussels, august 2013.

Painting by Gilles Hébette.

released february 2014.