Sunday, May 11, 2014

Tim Sparks Chasin' thea Boogie Online Concert

Ever since bursting on the scene with his 1993 release »» The Nutcracker Suite, Tim Sparks has captivated guitar fans with some of the finest fingerstyle guitar playing around. An artist who can be difficult to categorize, Sparks’ albums and live performances have featured classical, blues, jazz, folk, klezmer, and other styles, and yet they all have a common thread that makes them immediately identifiable.

Clearly, for Sparks the music itself is more important than the genre it may have originated in, and Chasin’ the Boogie continues this approach. Whether completely re-imagining the Beatles’ “Blackbird,” creating a complex guitar arrangement of Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now,” playing the folk standards “Wayfaring Stranger” and “I’ll Fly Away,” or getting gritty on the “Mississippi Blues,” Sparks creates solo steel-string guitar magic like only he can. Put simply, Chasin’ the Boogie is guitar music at its best. Even on songs that you thought you knew, you’ll find yourself hitting the “repeat” button to make sure that what you just heard really happened. Whether you’re already a fan of solo guitar music or not, give Chasin’ the Boogie a spin and allow yourself to be taken along!

Trailer for the ACOUSTIC MUSIC Online Concert with Tim Sparks on Monday, 12 May, 2014. For tickets and more information:


Monday, may 12, 21: 

ONLINE concert! This time with Tim Sparks - first broadcast!

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Montagabend, 12. Mai, 21 Uhr: 

ONLINEKONZERT! Diesmal mit Tim Sparks - Erstausstrahlung!

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How does it work? / F.A.Q.

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Tim Sparks is an award-winning guitarist whose blending of musical styles has won him extensive praise from all corners of the music world. Guitar Player Magazine has called his music "Fresh, exotic, and totally cool.", Acoustic Guitar Magazine calls it "rich and sensuous", and guitarist Leo Kottke simply says "He's really one of the best musicians I know." From the early traditional country blues and gospel music he learned in the Blue Ridge Mountains to the Jazz, Be Bop, classical and world music from his varied career across the U. S. and Europe, Tim has thrilled and inspired audiences and musicians world-wide.