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Antonio Bribiesca


Sentimental guitar of Antonio Bribiesca

He was born on January 23, 1905 in Mexico City, where resided all his life. His parents were Antonio Bribiesca Toledo and Maria Luisa Castellanos M.He studied up to high school. From an early age he took private piano lessons. He began his career as a composer at age nine.


He got a strong character and personality. He liked the company of bohemian friends chaps and fellow art in all its manifestations. He liked to play dominoes and chess, watching movies and television, as well as make picnics and travel. He enjoyed listening to classical music and ranchera.


The work with which he was very successful was Dos de abril, because for many years played this piece with his guitar to open XEW programming. Although he received many trophies and awards, among which is the Golden Microphone and a Gold Record for sales, Antonio was never given the recognition he deserved as ambassador to Mexico, through his work and his guitar.


Among the anecdotes of this great composer and guitarist, he narrated the thrill he felt when traveling to countries like Spain, Japan, and Colombia, among others, and listening to his music, sometimes up to a taxi. On one of his trips he was fortunate that the great Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia will express its appreciation and admiration, sentiment was undoubtedly mutual.


Other comments referred that many Mexican rancheras films include interpretations of Mexican guitar Antonio Bribiesca, but were not given credit for. HE got great satisfaction in his career as a composer and guitar virtuoso, including having reached that degree of knowledge and mastery of a noble and beautiful instrument, and also, that through his work and his performances obtained recognition in the national and international level.

Teacher Antonio Bribiesca Castellanos died January 9, 1980.

Selected Discography

Silvestre Vargas* Con Antonio Bribiesca - El Mariachi(LP) Orfeon LP-12-119 1967

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David Zaizar Y Antonio Bribiesca - Una Voz Y Una Guitarra Volumen II(LP) Peerless M/S 1977 1977

  Chavela Vargas con Antonio Bribiesca - Sus Exitos Del Millon(LP) Orfeon 031 1985

Guitarra Romantica Mexicana(CD) FonoVisa BMCD 4021 1992

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  Chavela Vargas con Antonio Bribiesca - Noche Bohemia Vol. 2 2 versions Orfeon

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