Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ruben D'Hers

untitled A
Antonino Secchia: percusion,electronics and vibraphon
rubén d´hers: prepared guitar
Recorded at the Jenaersrt. 42, Weimar at la Maleta and Galerie Eigenheim, 2011

río blanco A (fragmento)
4 Guitarras acusticas y 6 ventiladores. Presentación en el SeaM Weimar. Alemania

cascada @ ZKM Karlsruhe
sound installation 3 prepared steel-string acoustic guitars, fabric, motors, speakers and computer.
at ZKM Institut für Musik und Akustik, Karlsruhe 2011.

playa from rubén d´hers

Playa guitar sound installation. 14 acoustic guitars, 31 dc motors, 300 m cable, fabric and computer. Neues Museum Weimar, Alemania 2012
14 acoustic guitars, 31 dc motors, fabric, wire, 2 arduinos interfaces and computer.

The installation suggests the motion of sea waves being extended by the use of chords. These waves come, go and cross themselves. The intention is to help the visitor to reach a contemplative state.

flattern / 2012

Bird cage, steal strings, tunning pegs, 3 motors,
2 piezos, distortion pedal and computer.

Three small motors strum irregularly four guitar steal strings that are stretched inside a bird cage. The tunning pegs allow to tune the cage. When the motors move the chord G sus 2 appears and melts into a feedback sound produced by 2 piezos attached to the object, an amplifier and a distortion pedal.

The object plays with the idea of a chord as an entity housed in the cage.

Rubén D’Hers (Caracas 1980), musician and sound artist currently living in Berlin. He studied fine arts in Caracas, Venezuela and Media Art & Design with main focus on electroacoustic composition under Robin Minard at the Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany. In Caracas, from 1999 to 2007 he was co-founder and guitarist jazz-rock band kRé. Since then he works on his solo project which highlights the use of the guitar as a main tool of experimentation.

His work focuses on sound installations, performance and improvisation in various musical contexts.. He has exhibited his work at venues like ZKM in Karlsruhe, Neues Museum Weimar, Pure Data Convetion Weimar-Berlin, SeaM Weimar Studio für elek-troakustische Musik, Kein Akt - 48 Std Neukölln in Berlin, Weart Festival in Barcelona, Spain and at the Nelson Garrido Organization in Caracas, Venezuela. In 2013 he received the Lab 30 Prize Augsburg, Germany.