Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Juan Dahmen

Escribe la mañana con sus nadas infinitos. 
Las sombras, escondidas, hablan a gritos de sus olas, sus olas… 
Hablan sin voz. Viven Sin letras. 
Duermen con ruidos. 

Y entonces todo gira en un bucle de segundos, tu mirada, la boca que no para de moverse, que dice, que NO dice, que ampara toda fórmula expresiva descartando, limpiando, que sólo te roce lo que aporta, que sólo hable nuestra esencia transcribiendo, abriendo, siendo… 

Siendo un bloque de tiempo en calma… 
Siendo un mar de olas hambrientas e inmóviles... 
Siendo un delgado suspiro (que duerme) sobre una almohada.

The album was recorded live using a Chapman Stick and some percussion through live looping except #2, wich needed several takes

After some years of sound shaping and gigs making, we TAO5, a Spanish based contemporary jazz quintet, are proud to show you our first album, a mixture of self-composed, tribute to the masters (some really odd covers), and live impro tracks. Our soul is allways there, whatever the song we play may be.

The digital download includes a eighteen minute bonus track wich is a full uncut live improvisation made the last studio day. We loved it so much we had to include it for you.


released 04 May 2012
Julián Román - sax
Jorge Cubillana - guitar
Antonio Cano - piano
Vania Cuenca - double bass
Juan Dahmen - percussion

Recorded live by Abraham Padilla and Piti Martinez at Kundalini Records
Mixed and mastered by Piti Martinez at The Loom Attic

Jose 'Harface' Moratalla - vocals 
Javier 'Pestañas' Palacios - bass 
Manuel 'Limón' Felipe - guitar 
Javier 'Don Javier' López - guitar, vocals, pedals steel guitar 
Pablo 'Sr. Evaristo' García - keyboard, programming, vocals 
Juan 'Cabronías' Dahmen - drums and percusion 

Guest artists: 
Ana - vocals 
Juan Enrique - trumpet 
Juanjo 'El Duende' - sax 
Hornet (PlanF) - flute 
Antonio 'Caragato' Fuentes - screamin' and yellin'

Juan S. Dahmen is a spanish young musician with a long and diverse career. He became interested in music through his parent's vinyl Motown vinyl records. At six years old he began to beat drums in a battery set from his father, placed in his attic. At eight he join the Real Conservatorio Municipal de Albacete to study classical percussion.

At eleven, his tastes being closest to modern music, left the conservatory for a School of Modern Music in Albacete, where he studied battery with Toño Atienzar, and keyboard and computer music with Antonio Cebrián. He has studied with renowned Argentine stickista Guillermo Cides and deepened in the art of tapping and avant-garde music with Markus Reuter and Trey Gunn, both from from the King Crimson universe.

His main instrument is the drums, with countless hours of study and concerts behind them, highlighting groups like Groove3 (jazz-groove), Peterfunk (disco-funk), TAO5 (currently free jazz and jazz) or Nomadlander (progressive rock). He also plays the Touch Stick with bands like IARARAI (post rock, ambient), The Tam Tam (African tribal, blues, rumba), Mr. Miau (blues rock) as well as solo and in Cromofono project that combines strength with visual artist María Solana creating all the senses.

He has won several competitions as Memorial Alberto Cano in Albacete on two occasions, one in 2008 and another Groove3 2011 with Blackjack, playing electric bass. He won first prize in the Roda MPTRIVIUM 2008 and Guadalajara 2010 Buzzer with Peterfunk.

Jorge Cubillna - guitar, Julio Guillén - keyboard, Juan Dahmen - drums, guest musicians: Vania Cuenca - flugelhorn on #5 &11 - fretless bass on #11, Marta Folqués - voice on #6, Marcos Atencia - alto sax on #5, Gabriel Lopez - shaker & güiro on #3

Selected Discography

2008 Groove3 - Trionometría (Groove-Jazz) battery
2009 Peterfunk (Disco-Funk) drums and percussion
2010 The League - Red (Nu-jazz) battery
2013 TAO5 (Hard Bop, jazz, folk, free) battery
2013 Sadgayers - Remember Yourself (Post Rock, Ambient, Classical, Progressive Rock) udu, voice and Stick
2013 Juan Dahmen - Destroying as a way of Rebuilding (Ambient, experimental) Stick and percussion
2014 Juan Vinuesa & The Monkeys - Standard Deeds (Jazz) percussion on various topics
Game Ringtones 2014 (Jazz Fusion) battery

His recurring interest is experimentation, reach new unexpected places, something that happens sometimes without even trying. Currently this is seen more clearly in his ongoing art projects, playing with  boundaries merging with sound and visual art in Cromofono.