Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cargo Room Sized Guitar

marcelo ertorteguy + sara valente + takahiro fukuda: room sized electric guitar

CargoGuitar is a large scale electric guitar consisting of 8-meter long strings that flare through the space in a hyperbolic paraboloid shape. A set of 8 strings spring from a vertical ‘media spine’ and terminate at a horizontal structural bar on the opposite end of the space. The receiving bar also frames the entrance to the inhabitable instrument. The media spine is outfitted with 8 tuning pegs to achieve different sound scales, 8 transducers to capture the mechanical vibrations of the strings and two 1/4" input jack plugged to two amplifiers. The steel strings glow in the dark enabling users to play the instrument while discovering the kinetic experience of the light partition. CargoGuitar is a spatial intervention that explores the threshold between architecture, art and sound through a live interactive sound sculpture.