Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Marcel Rocha

Brazilian composer and improviser Marcel Rocha makes music since the 80's in a wide range of styles, such as electronic, Brazilian, experimental and Live Looping music.
Well versed in creating soundtracks (films, games, plays, dance, websites, art galleries, lounge) and soundscapes that evoke places, creatures (angels or monsters), moods and feelings, Marcel likes to imprint something special in every project, something that makes it unique and special.

With a Master's Degree and a PhD in Music, Rocha has academic training in composition, jazz improvisation, arrangement, and reads and writes music.

“ACM” is the translation into sounds of composer Marcel Rocha’s interpretation of the spiritual world of the people who live in deep connection with nature. With this work, Marcel tries to capture some rhythms that have been ‘danced to’ by the people of the earth since the beginning of time and glues them together through the use of sound manipulation and original music performances.These compositions were created by using ethnic and nature sounds, blending them with electric guitar effects and electronic noises.Marcel likes to think of “ACM” as an appreciation of the non-local Universal Mind.

Marcel Rocha: composition, guitars and computer Paulo Freire: viola on "Coal I"
The track "Dancing Berimbau" is a special contribution by Siamgda using source material by Marcel Rocha - sounds like Asia, Europe and South America joining together for a universal dancing celebration.