Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Vincent Paillard


Born in 1977, Fougeres in Brittany. Early musical learning, he begins with the piano at 6 years at the Conservatoire de Fougeres, the Planners. Classical training for 7 years.Autodidact guitar and electric bassist. Working with musical groups as : Rock Formations , French chanson, jazz, world music, Springboard, Small, large scenes (Old St Etienne Theatre, City Hall, studio recordings ESRA Colombier). A few years later I entered the Jazz Conservatoire of Toulouse. Training Diploma Musicale study jazz allows me to meet musicians and became interested in improvisation.
Vincent has performed with dancers, and other performers such as Heddy Boubaker, Mathias Pontevia, Nusch Werchowska, Jessica Constable, Olivier Mellano, Régis Boulard  Arrington de Dionyso, Naoto Yamagishi, and Arnaud Debreu (in a duo known as Bruyne).

Currently trainer and manager of CFPM Rennes. Professional Training Centre for Music . 

Among his different collaborations; 
- "Orange Was the color ..." With Laurent Bardainne 
- The "borderline" Theatre performance at the old St Etienneunder the "Corridors " festival.
- Collaboration with Stephane Batsal in the film " October 25 "presented at Night Planetarium in Poitiers. 
- Meeting of actors free Improv stage at festivals, concerts, courses: Heddy Boubacker, Mathias Pontevia , Nusch Werchowska, Jessica Constable, Olivier Mellano Regis Boulard. 

 - Sound design exposure Patrice Paillard with the collective Articule-Music Creation on choreography Emilia Dhumérelle . Show from November 2011 
- The album " Tower 1 " , Electric bass solo free improvisation.- The album " One step in Color" guiatre classic Work part1 . . Labeloranj.com 
- Music Broadcast on www.and - oar.org (net Label Seattle, Washington)


1. Le Sonneur 10:53
2. Apparizian B 5:34
3. Q-space 9:26
Download entire release (Zip file: 35.9 MB).

Vincent Paillard is a French improviser and composer. The music presented on this release is recorded live with no over-dubbing or computer processing involved.