Sunday, December 22, 2013

David Beardsley at musiXplore

Jericho - Barnett Newman

"Beardsley sculpts tones into overpowering moods.... clearly - in its glacial tension and release it offered the essential outlines of symphonic form, stripped of surface detail."

Kyle Gann, the Village Voice, New York City ----more...

"…it is both mesmerizing and slightly disturbing…I love the way the notes shimmer and float like feathers on the air. You can actually observe the texture of each sound as it slowly evolves. Although I did enjoy the other pieces here by Morton Feldman and the other lesser-known composers, I felt the Beardsley piece was the most fascinating of the bunch."

Bruce Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, NYC

"The electric guitar corner was represented by David Beardsley's atmospheric "Around D" — operative word "around." Beardsley played his maxi-fretted guitar through a volume pedal, a looping device and other effects to create swirling layers of meditative droning. Throbbing close tones made it a vibration-oriented experience."

Josef Woodard, LA Times

"For those of you who don't know, David Beardsley plays some amazing ambient, microtonal, loopy, delicious guitar. "

Jim Cole, Spectral Voices
Barnett Newman 1969, Jericho