Saturday, December 14, 2013

Frères d'Âme

Frères d'Âme is a new record label, launched in October 2012 by Stefan Bongiu and based in Paris, France.

Free from idiosyncratic currents and aesthetics, it intends to provide an innovative media platform opened to improvised, traditional and contemporary music.

THINGS that matter to us
Sound Note Space Tone


- Paul Davies, guitars and machines
- Mike O'Neil, guitars and machines
- Peter Perfido, drums
- Han Sen Limtung, saxophones
- Nicolas Genest, trumpet and flugelhorn
- Stefan Bongiu, guitars et caetera


Epiphanies, Stefan Bongiu solo acoustic guitar 2013
Chants, Paul Davies solo electric guitar 2013


Solo Improvisations with and without machines, Paul Davies solo electric guitar and machines
Two, Paul Davies guitar and David Pouradier-Duteil drums

Onze excuses, Nicolas Gardrat, solo acoustic guitar (co-production)
Minotaures, an Improvised Voyage with Nicolas Genest and Stefan Bongiu (live in Eglise Evangelique Allemande)
Speedwell Avenue, Poetry in Music, Mike O'Neil, electric guitar and John Noonan, voice
Live in Radio France, Mike O'Neil, electric guitar/machines and Peter Perfido, drums
Shapes and buildings. Live in Eglise Evangelique Allemande, Han Sen Limtung, solo saxophones


A focus on Paul Davies ("Chants", Frères d'Âme 2013) :

Born in Epsom, Surrey in 1953 Paul Davies starts to teach himself guitar at the age of fourteen.

Previous to this he had played the drums and had sung in the school choir. He listens to practically all the groups of that era, Cream, Taste, Ten Years After, Jimi Hendrix etc.

At the age of sixteen he discovers jazz musicians such as Wes Montgomery, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Grant Green through listening to the American Forces Network radio. At the same time he also listens to Debussy, Ravel, Stravinsky, Bartok, Vaughan Williams as well as taking a keen interest in literature and art.

At leaving school for university his interests develop to include the cinema (Buñuel, Truffaut), the English jazz and free jazz scene (John Surman, John Maclaughlin, Alan Skidmore, Dave Holland, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Tony Oxley) and contempory music (Stockhausen, Berio, Steve Reich).

Starts experimenting with repetetive music using an acoustic guitar and a tape machine a la Terry Riley. Lecturer George Brown allows him to use the Goldsmiths College electronic music studio, of which he takes full advantage.

Leaves university for various jobs and in 1977 moves to Paris and begins to play with the jazz and contemporary scene: Anne Daumas, François Verly, Mike O'Neil, Peter Perfido, François Couturier, Andy Emler, Dominique Pifarély but also Senegalese musicians such as Idrissa Diop and Ousmane Toure.

Revered by accomplished artists like Marc Ducret and Philippe Deschepper, he has focused these last years on the interaction between electric guitar and machines, in solo or in duo.

Paul Davies - Jazz

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