Sunday, December 29, 2013



MICHEL HENRITZI - NOTHING (CDR by Dyin' Ghost Records)
Even when Michel Henritzi doesn't sing, his music is true blues music. Music of pain, loneliness, anxiety. He plays guitar, lapsteel and amplifier. Nothing more is required by him to play his tunes. Twelve pieces of lonesome cowboy music. He plays his pieces with great pace, beautiful style and seemingly with great ease. Music that showcases empty deserts, lonely roads, wind and storm over spacious grass fields. 'Nothing' is a more than appropriate title for such a release. Long, empty pieces. Not something you 'just' put on. But something to be totally immersed by, rather than easily play as a background tune. Even when its 'nothing' its totally demanding music. Music that requires one's full attention and music that won't make you 'happy'. You probably feel 'empty' afterwards. To feel 'nothing' is impossible. Long one, but a great release, and one that requires such a length.

Franz De Waard in VITAL

Michel Henritzi - guitar, lapsteel & amp
recorded at home
dedicated to towns van zandt and taku sugimoto