Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Werner Dafeldecker Valerio Tricoli William Mix

Williams Mix Extended is a new interpretation of John Cage's Williams Mix by Werner Dafeldecker and Valerio Tricoli, originally scored for magnetic tape in 1952, made in Berin in 2011/2012.

photo by tania kelley  2011

Approaching the original score from a contemporary perspective, this new interpretation of Williams Mix contains a close analysis of the relationship between early tape music and current digital production, including video, allowing for original parameters of the score to be realized within the context of recent audio-visual technologies.

The video component of Williams Mix Extended, created by Lillevan, will focus on the permutation and transformation of Cage´s tape notation into visual art.

Williams Mix Extended has an duration of 32 minutes whereas the original is 4 minutes and 15 seconds long. The difference between the two durations is generated by the transposition of the score´s specifications from tape to digital audio software. To complete Williams Mix Extended a library of approximately 2000 different sounds is used, all recorded by Dafeldecker and Tricoli.
Video Excerpt of "Williams Mix Extended" - a new interpretation of John Cage's Williams Mix by Werner Dafeldecker and Valerio Tricoli, originally scored for magnetic tape in 1952.