Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tortured Guitars Fages - Schvarzman

released 01 January 2000
Ferran Fages: tortured guitar
Pablo Schvarzman: tortured guitar

Ferran Fages (1974, Barcelona, Catalunya)
Improviser and composer.
He plays guitar, amplifiers, radios, resonant objects, acoustic turntable and electronics: “feedback mixing board”, pick-ups and oscillators.
He was member of the collective IBA col·lectiu d'improvisació from 1999 to 2006. Besides his projects, he is collaborating with various musicians, among them with Joan Saura, Christopher Williams, Martin Küchen, Will Guthrie, Jean-Philippe Gross and Pascal Battus.

Pablo Schvarzman is  deeply influenced by South American folklore and the electronic grooves. His album "Madre Fucking Patrias" shows in terms of breackbeat, downtempo, tango, folklore, flamenco even drum & bass and experimental noise, battles and loves between his roots: organic-electronics, Barcelona-Buenos Aires, Argentina-Spain, South America-Europe. 
Guitarist, programmer sequences, producer, manipulative effect live,  Pablo Schvarzman has worked with artists such as Axel Krygier, Shuarma (ex Elefantes) Enrique Bunbury, Dafnis Prieto, Dani Macaco, Agustí Fernandez, Gari Willis, WTF Jam Sessions ...